We work with our clients to ignite ideas by deploying our knowledge, experience and health solutions directly into the heart of their strategy.
We  accelerate  knowledge transfer and skills across organisations using our experience to deliver mentoring and managable   change.
We forge solutions

Healthcare Consultancy

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Service Management Solutions

With more than 30 years National and International experience in healthcare, we are able to provide strategic advice and future thinking to our clients. We constantly assess market trends to future proof strategic decision making.
We work with our customers in a collaborative, open and trusting manner to ensure all issues, problems or roadblocks are quickly addressed as they arise. Healthsmiths strive to develop a collegiate, open and professional relationship from the outset.  
Our customer service mantra is "to be invited back". We are in the business of providing advice and we base our next engagement on the success of the previous engagements.
Healthcare solutions require key initiatives across patient engagement to better support collaboration within a provider community. Care coordination is underpinned by the ability to share data across systems orchestrated by clinical workflow.
Healthsmiths, assists organisations to address these challenges by spanning clinical and non-clinical systems, securely exposing information across diverse platforms. From individual physicians and patients to hospitals and specialty providers, healthcare communities need to integrate information across disparate locations and technologies.
Driven by the need to achieve improved care at lower costs, Healthsmiths are providing proven solutions and a healthcare platform to promote the exchange of health information.
Many healthcare environments are undergoing some degree of digital transformation: planning for new solutions, services, hospitals or all of the above. It isn't always easy to identify and plan for the ongoing impact on Service Management, and the effect on workloads and cost can quite often be underestimated.
The average health entity spends between 3 and 15 percent of its total revenue delivering services to internal departments, so getting it right is very important.

The introduction of health specific Service Catalogues can manage and control spiraling service requests and associated costs.

Actionable Self-Serve Service Catalogue tools can:
  • save 30 to 40 percent of the cost of services,
  • reduced the time to deliver services by 50 percent
  • improved quality by between 25 percent and 40 percent.
Meeting your healthcare needs.

Delivering solutions to the point of need

Ignite Ideas
We do this by advising on:
  • Business strategy and models to assist our clients in creating efficiency across their organisation.
  • Technology strategy that informs current and future investment.
  • Emerging strategies and how best to harness their power to create collaborative and more efficient workflows.
  • Decision making techniques that empower businesses to manage media effectively.
  • Due diligence to sense check large investments and the potential to fail.
Healthcare ICT  Specialists.
Forge Solutions
There are significant challenges facing our health systems - continually increasing costs, professional shortages, increasing burden of chronic disease and consumer demand for better access to care. The health system has the additional challenge of meeting the growing needs of an aging population.  Being able to share and access information when needed is seen by healthcare leaders as key to addressing these challenges.  
Healthsmiths understands that solutions can facilitate and support the growing demands placed on the healthcare system.  A comprehensive EMR and Clinical Support Solutions are not optional, but critical to realising a goal of a more effective and efficient system, resulting in improved outcomes.  
We believe our clients success is defined by having these systems in place on schedule and within an affordable budget.  
Healthsmiths, in collaboration with our partners, are positioned to help you achieve that objective.  It is important that you have an ICT partner that understand the pressures and helps guide you through the challenges.
We do this by:
  • Delivering proven solutions and tools that deliver efficiency, scale and engagement.
  • Data models that deliver consistency, strength and elegance.
  • Integration that enables existing and new services to coexist.
  • Delivering Enterprise Portal platforms that future proofs technology change and user experience
  • Prototypes that can be used as a robust proof of concept.
We do this by:
  • Utilising the expertise and experience in technology rollout across the healthcare sector
  • Providing the technical and product knowledge and expertise to address organisational requirements.
  • Calling upon our experience that comes from addressing technical solutions across many clients and countries.
  • Designing and delivering User Generated Training that puts user at the heart of training development and delivery.
  • Providing a learning platform that allows businesses to deliver agile training and continuous change management.
Making your ideas a reality