Mediasmiths provides a range of products and services:

PATHFINDER - Task Management

Modern media-centric Task List Solution that integrates directly with 
Vidispine MAM.

Pathfinder can be used as a stand-alone to Vidispine or as a module within VidiXplore and Cantemo Portal.

Key Features - embedded media support, such as proxies, images and video thumbnails, fully customisable backend via simple XMLs

Core Technology
based on the state-of-the-art Angular Framework
Responsive user interface, backed by Camunda, an Activiti based BPM with superior modelling and presentation tools.
Workflow Engine

The Mediasmiths Workflow Engine (WFE) is a Java based orchestration and communication middleware based on open source JAVA application software.

Key features of the WFE include but are not limited to:
  • moving files automatically between storage tiers and locations, based on metadata and business rules
  • integration with 3rd Party file accelerators, transcoders, graphics platforms and QC tools via their APIs
  • import and conform disparate metadata sources to suitable form for installed system use including parsing, checking and aggregating the metadata and supporting bi-directional synchronisation
  • allow for the incorporation of workflow and Business Rules, including file import or file delivery and actioning Content Rights management via metadata
  • provide a capability to capture MAM and other connected 3rd party device’s logs for reporting
BeBop Technology

Mediasmiths is a proud technology partner of Bebop in Australia and offers the revolutionary platfrom in the AWS Sydney Region. Bebop is an online streaming platform with  post-production software like Adobe Premiere or Avid Media Composer.

Key Features
Realtime streaming of native post-production application from the cloud to your local computer; latency-free, high-quality and encrypted​; integrated high-speed file upload to the cloud via Bebop Rocket; integrated asset management system via Bebop SmartCAT
Hosted on AWS in the Sydney Region 
BeBop for Universities and Schools
BeBop provides benefits to Students on-campus,  &
Students online and Administration

  • Unlimited access to a multitude of pro-grade tools used in the industry every day
  • More resources on a more powerful computer than you would have under your desk
  • Work at your own pace, in your own place
  • Accommodates students with conflicting class schedules
  • No tech requirements for infrastructure
  • Enables collaborative work
  • Uncompromised professional training on professional systems
  • Maximum flexibility & convenience
  • Not limited by what computer you use – every student has all the power of the Cloud
  • Easy collaboration between remote students and professors
  • Real-time screen sharing